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If you sit still….

All that you are seeking, is also seeking you. If you sit still, it will find you. It has been waiting for you a long time.” CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTES

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Crossing the Threshold

Which do you choose? The blue pill or the red pill? You remember Neo in the movie the Matrix? The blue pill keeps you in the world as you know it, the red pill brings you new knowledge and awareness … Continue reading

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How brave we are

Deep in the Cedarberg mountains, deep in a valley, lies a deep pool surrounded by high rocks. Why would we shed our comfortable clothes and stand near naked on the cliff, willing ourselves to step off into the drop? A … Continue reading

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Flow is about effortlessly bringing the whole of ourselves to what we are doing and coming to that doing with sureness and confidence. “When in flow, the individual operates at full capacity,” writes Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the psychologist who has pioneered … Continue reading

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Conscious embodiment and the experience of flow

How do we do the big work and stay and expansive and inclusive – even under stress? Wendy Palmer’s work on conscious embodiment is profound. She teaches a centering practice to consciously make use of our larger energy field or … Continue reading

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Why rivers make you happy

If you cut through the rambling and rhetoric, nearly every religion, new-age spiritual guru, or latest self-help best-seller touts the same message: stop dwelling on the past and the future and be in the present. Truly, everyone agrees, fully experiencing … Continue reading

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