You are someone who wants to find your mojo and claim your own way, maybe giving up living somebody else’s idea about what your life should be. Coaching works with developing self awareness, and gaining clarity and a readiness to act around career and relationships. My role is to create a coaching process that brings sustainable impact to your life.

Here are comments from some of my clients:

“Jo is a sensitive and intuitive coach who brings a huge generosity to her craft. Through her guidance and wonderful toolbox of techniques I have been able to shift patterns at my own pace. I am very grateful for her support.” Maren Bodenstein

“My 6-session coaching contract with Jo Monson was an incredibly valuable and empowering learning process. She successfully created a safe space and a structured framework that allowed me to clearly identify my personal goals and with ease, work towards meeting them. Jo’s insightful questions assisted me in uncovering beliefs that have been driving behavior patterns for a very long time. Modelling a pattern of compassionate questioning Jo has engendered a sense of self-curiosity that I will continue to make use of in my life. Through the coaching I have learnt the importance of trusting myself and making space to care for myself.  Her support with and reminders to identify small, achievable tasks has led me to make rapid progress in meeting my goals without ever feeling overwhelmed. Jo is a skilled coach who follows the coaching model with rigor and who shows up with authenticity, integrity and transparency. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make changes in their life.” Thandi O’Hagan

“Jo is a very talented facilitator – a skill that serves her well in a coaching role. Her gentle and grounded nature brings a number of qualities to such an intimate, one-on-one process. The qualities that come to mind when reflecting on our sessions are:

  • an excellent, attentive listener, able to recall and connect points raised in conversations weeks apart;
  • an organised, analytical approach to collecting, arranging and summarising information in an insightful and enriching way;
  • a gentle, caring nature that makes it easy to speak to her;
  • an appreciation for the client’s lived experiences and perceptions, often noticing unacknowledged and undervalued aspects;
  • a flexible approach to what is being discussed, though with an uncanny ability to bring a new topic back to the original objective of the sessions”  Charmaine Smith

“Jo was wonderful . She created a nurturing space for me to talk through my issues, set goals and made me ‘do homework’! Her feedback and insight were incredibly helpful. She has helped set me on course again, feeling much more focused and confident about my life’s journey.”   Vanja Karth

“Jo was at all times consistent in warmth and support. The environment she provided felt safe and comfortable. At the same time Jo always allowed my own analysis and decision making to take place. Through Jo’s non judgemental and accepting interaction with me, I was able to make decisions and clarify areas of my life that needed attention. I have had positive results from the process.”   Tania Frassek