Mojoflo is about  being in easiness and flow. It is about allowing our brilliance to manifest and shine. It is about allowing all that we are and coming to integration and wholeness. Mojoflo is about trusting our intuition and the cycles of life.

Mojoflo is about being here in place and time. It is about bringing ourselves daily to the experience of where we live, the beach or the city, the mountain or the suburb, the vlei or the fourth-floor-flat. And then Mojoflo is coming to understand and reach into the communities around us. It is about crossing the road to find another world and about making the connections between the local and the global. Mojoflo is about listening and working in partnership. What is the zeitgeist and what can we offer into it?

Mojoflo is about waking up to our nightmares. It is about recognising how we are shutting down to ourselves and to others. Mojoflo is about taking risks into our humanity and into inclusivity. There is no them, it’s only us. It is about healing the planet, sharing its riches, and seeking out diversity. Mojoflo is sitting in ambiguity, complexity, plurality, immanence and transcendence. Mojoflo is about curiosity, intimacy and truth telling. Mojoflo is about showing up here and now and making the space bigger.

Mojoflo is about whole-hearted discipline, conscientious practice, taking a stand on excellence, and following up on the details. Mojoflo is about offering perspectives and challenges through the Enneagram, group learning, facilitation, coaching, writing and knowledge harvesting. Mojoflo is about learning on purpose.

Mojoflo is about kindness and balance. It is about gentleness with ourselves and with others. We are parents, partners, friends and families and blessed by this and daily we celebrate it and offer into our community.

Mojoflo is about often taking the time and space we need to have adventures and nourish body mind and soul. We let go of things to follow a path closer to our values and to our natural strengths, our mojo, and the flow of our hearts. Mojoflo is about easiness and flow.