If you sit still….

All that you are seeking, is also seeking you. If you sit still, it will find you. It has been waiting for you a long time.”


Zen Practice

Watch your mind, how it comes into being, how it operates. As you watch your mind, you discover yourself as the watcher. When you stand motionless, only watching, you discover your self as the light behind the watcher. The source of light is dark, unknown is the source of knowledge. That source alone is. Go back to that source and abide there.

Yoga gives you a way to create inner sanctuary

“Yoga gives you a way to create inner sanctuary: a safe haven that cradles you and gives you strength when you need it most.”

Plunge down and enjoy the ride!

I loved this article by Ben Dooley on 5 powerful playground metaphors. Here is a brief excerpt from “The Slide”:

“First there’s a lot of going up – usually many steps are involved. It’s hard. And there’s sometimes a line-up that slows it down even more.

It takes a long while to get to the top. And when we get there we might even be a little tired and worn out from the upwards step-by-step journey. However, what keeps us moving is what’s waiting for us when we reach the top.

We get to go down.

Going down is fast and fun. It’s exciting and thrilling, that feeling of being slightly out of control, and yet, you’re still safe within the barriers of the slide – the sides designed to keep you in a certain pathway as you race toward the bottom to top speed.

But if you try to stop you could not only get hurt, you might ruin it for others.

So what’s the metaphor here? The slide. A wonderful thing. We spend our lives working so hard to ascend all sorts of ladders in our lives. The higher we climb, the harder it is (sometimes). And yet we can’t turn back. Going back down the stairs is frustrating, humiliating, embarrassing… and not nearly as much fun. We might be business building, growing our finances or a working on a project. It could be a huge ladder in front of us or a small teeny ladder. Either way we must ascend one step at a time.

And when we reach the top, when we’ve done all the hard work building our business, or our project, or developing our coaching confidence and skills, then take a moment to look around. What a view. Sit down and scooch yourself forward just enough… so… you… can… PLUNGE DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE!”


A message from your body…..

I crave your attention.

  • Every muscle wishes to thrill with your attention. To tense and release, and release!
  • My blood calls to continue the nurturance, the diversity of foods, the sweetness of water, the soft clean air.
  • My skin yearns toward sweat and salty water, crisp dry towels, nourishing potions and oils.

I am tired of processing all this junk. Everything that goes in your mouth is my medicine.

In return, I promise to boost you in living the fullest life imaginable.

  • In being prepared to experience the full bounty of nature.
  • To support you to stand in your full presence.
  • To provide the energy for listening, enquiry, dialogue and leadership.

I will allow you “hold on,” and keep your integrity, long after the day seems done.

I am ready to be the temple for your mind and grow the wings beneath your soul.

Just give me your attention.

6 June 2017


I just finished reading The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson (2012). It is set in North Korea and it explores the ways people are able to hold onto their humanity even having experienced the most brutal and severe conditions over years. It is a society where people regularly denounce each other for a range of things including having unpatriotic thoughts.  Our protagonist comes to learn the meaning of intimacy as “when two people share everything, when there are no secrets between them.” The concept astonishes him and he is drawn to have his own experience of it. Near the end of the book, just before he is to have his memory wiped, he explains to his torturer: “It turned out to be easy. You tell someone everything, the good, the bad, what makes you look strong and what’s shameful as well. If you killed your wife’s husband, you must tell her. If someone tried to man-attack you , you must tell that, too. I told you everything, as best as I was able. I may not know who I am. But the actress is free. I’m not sure I understand freedom, but I’ve felt it and she now has it too.”  Perhaps intimacy does bring the freedom of having been beheld, of having been seen for who and all you really are. An experience worth pursuing.


In December the New York Times Magazine published an essay called “The Profound Emptiness of ‘Resilience.’ “ It pointed out that the word is now used everywhere, often in ways that drain it of meaning and link it to vague concepts like “character.” But resilience doesn’t have to be an empty or vague concept. In fact, decades of research have revealed a lot about how it works. This research shows that resilience is, ultimately, a set of skills that can be taught. In recent years, we’ve taken to using the term sloppily—but our sloppy usage doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been usefully and precisely defined. It’s time we invest the time and energy to understand what “resilience” really means.

Read this well-researched article by Maria Konnikova to follow some of the thinking about resilience over the last decades.

The Only Poem by Leonard Cohen RIP

The Only Poem


This is the only poem

I can read

I am the only one

can write it

I didn’t kill myself

when things went wrong

I didn’t turn

to drugs or teaching

I tried to sleep

but when I couldn’t sleep

I learned to write

I learned to write

what might be read

on nights like this

by one like me

Stand ready for the hard moment

It’s not so much that life is hard. It’s more that when the time comes to do something hard, we don’t shy away from it. We stand up and do the hard thing. We can pretty much count on something hard to do every single day.

Knowing this, we need to stand ready for that hard moment, otherwise we might miss the chance. Sometimes we need our heart to open. Sometimes we need to step forward with our sword. Sometimes we must simply hold steady. Sometimes, it’s put head down and work. Sometimes it requires us to truly listen and intuit because we can be guided by a fire somewhere bright and energising. And sometimes it is simply to stay aligned to our purpose.

Today at least, I’m ready for the hard moments.

The Dance of Intimacy

“Most of us have a need to exercise some control over how close we allow others to get to us at any given time. Often this is not even done consciously. We don’t plan to have a fight with our lover today because last night the intimacy was so intense and passionate that it got a little scary. If this does happen, we are usually unaware of the connection between the two events — just another one of life’s little mysteries.

‘We were so close last night. How could we be so far apart today?’

I try to tune my clients into the rhythm of their moves: close, distant, close again. It is the ‘intimacy dance.’ In some version we all do the dance in our relationships. It is the poetry of movement that choreographs intimacy; the rhythms come from inside us and resonate to the inner rhythms of the other. We move in unison with a partner or in opposition to that person.” BETTY BERZON

Related to this topic is Esther Perel’s “Mating in Captivity” a book on the relationship between intimacy and desire.