Conscious embodiment and the experience of flow

How do we do the big work and stay and expansive and inclusive – even under stress? Wendy Palmer’s work on conscious embodiment is profound. She teaches a centering practice to consciously make use of our larger energy field or “peri personal space” and include everyone in it. The practice is to position our advocacy and our listening within the energy that surrounds us rather than have it constricting up our bodies. It is about allowing our advocacy to come through us unedited by the mind or mediated by the personality. This is the experience of flow. She emphasises over and over again however that the goal is not to be in a permanent state of flow. The practice is to recover into it from imbalance or stress. I am lucky enough to be attending a two day workshop right here in Cape Town with Wendy Palmer herself.

The Intuitive Body: Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido

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