Enneagram into systems

“The Enneagram is a symbol of unity and diversity, a typology of human personality, and a process model of transformation,” writes Don Riso, pioneer in bringing the ancient Enneagram into popular application today. Used by individuals to orientate their personal development, now there is new work happening into the whole area of the collective.

In collaboration with Don Riso, 9 Domains are extending the types of the Enneagram into the elements or ingredients needed for a whole and balanced system – be that a group or an organisation. In this they started a dialogue with Albert Kamphuis a veteran Enneagram practitioner from the corporate world of the Netherlands.

Kamphuis has developed an understanding or process of innovation tested in a range of business settings which requires the gift or contribution of each type to bring to fruition. He calls it the innovation circle and it has nine creative forces corresponding to the nine types of the Enneagram.

I attended a very special retreat which was the first face to face conversation between Monika Adelfang and Barry Coltham of the 9 Domains and Albert Kamphuis of the Innovation Circle. They called the retreat Ways of Flow and it was held at the Blue Butterfly Retreat center. The retreat itself was a creative process or an innovation process beginning like great broad swirls of specific ingredients in a mixing bowl still to be blended and baked.

The Enneagram can show the path to wholeness on an individual level and here is a movement to develop a path to wholeness on both a process and systemic level. Can’t wait to see what comes out of the oven!

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