Plunge down and enjoy the ride!

I loved this article by Ben Dooley on 5 powerful playground metaphors. Here is a brief excerpt from “The Slide”:

“First there’s a lot of going up – usually many steps are involved. It’s hard. And there’s sometimes a line-up that slows it down even more.

It takes a long while to get to the top. And when we get there we might even be a little tired and worn out from the upwards step-by-step journey. However, what keeps us moving is what’s waiting for us when we reach the top.

We get to go down.

Going down is fast and fun. It’s exciting and thrilling, that feeling of being slightly out of control, and yet, you’re still safe within the barriers of the slide – the sides designed to keep you in a certain pathway as you race toward the bottom to top speed.

But if you try to stop you could not only get hurt, you might ruin it for others.

So what’s the metaphor here? The slide. A wonderful thing. We spend our lives working so hard to ascend all sorts of ladders in our lives. The higher we climb, the harder it is (sometimes). And yet we can’t turn back. Going back down the stairs is frustrating, humiliating, embarrassing… and not nearly as much fun. We might be business building, growing our finances or a working on a project. It could be a huge ladder in front of us or a small teeny ladder. Either way we must ascend one step at a time.

And when we reach the top, when we’ve done all the hard work building our business, or our project, or developing our coaching confidence and skills, then take a moment to look around. What a view. Sit down and scooch yourself forward just enough… so… you… can… PLUNGE DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE!”


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