A message from your body…..

I crave your attention.

  • Every muscle wishes to thrill with your attention. To tense and release, and release!
  • My blood calls to continue the nurturance, the diversity of foods, the sweetness of water, the soft clean air.
  • My skin yearns toward sweat and salty water, crisp dry towels, nourishing potions and oils.

I am tired of processing all this junk. Everything that goes in your mouth is my medicine.

In return, I promise to boost you in living the fullest life imaginable.

  • In being prepared to experience the full bounty of nature.
  • To support you to stand in your full presence.
  • To provide the energy for listening, enquiry, dialogue and leadership.

I will allow you “hold on,” and keep your integrity, long after the day seems done.

I am ready to be the temple for your mind and grow the wings beneath your soul.

Just give me your attention.

6 June 2017

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