To Be Alive

Fulfillment is about being fully alive. Fulfillment is the state of fully expressing who we are doing what is right for us. Clients have a sense of that feeling. They describe it as wholeness, satisfaction, a sense of rightness and harmony. A word we use for this feeling is “resonance.” Life is vibrating at a frequency at which everything we most value is in alignment. We feel it in the choices we make. The vibration in the moment may be very dramatic, thunderous, exciting, edgy. Or it may be still, serene, pastel, intimate. It might be a unique combination of all of those qualities — defying physics and our metaphors. But the client will feel the resonance. The pieces of their lives or careers come together in a very personal sense of wholeness and of feeling very alive. It may be experienced through doing meaningful work, feeling well used, contributing, giving and receiving, playing to win, being in the flow, creative, expressed. It is an experience of being complete.

From Co-Active Coaching by WHITWORTH ET AL

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