Christmas Letter

It’s coming to a close, for better or for worse.  Here’s a little wrap from me and how I want to integrate this big and wild and crazy year:

When the world locked down, we were asked to show up on social media and video chat platforms. I was one of the many in a maddening maze of navigating new tech. I facilitated my first series of online workshops, I attended at least ten online courses and a dozen webinars. Best of all, I loved the “inner sight” art course run entirely on WhatsApp. Each day a new assignment designed to tap into intuition and elicit messages from the sub-conscious. I was amazed at the guidance I received. In the picture below the message was: “Follow the bridge to a ring of collective calm.” So I’m going into 2021 even more curious about other ways of knowing.

Most of all I coached online. I coached in Sao Paulo, in Toronto, and in Blantyre. I coached in Mexico City and Johannesburg and in London. I coached in Geneva and in Amsterdam and Singapore. Every session had a thick under-layer of heart and connection, decency and kindness. While it seemed there was so much craziness (misinformation, polarisation, isolation), my coaching clients held me steady, and I was connected across the world in a ring of collective calm. For 2021, I’m affirming the power of online connection.


And then we were warned of the algorithms manipulating our beliefs and our behaviour and encouraged to turn off our phones and feel again the ground beneath our feet. My family tallied up 16 trips away in 2020, mostly hiking and camping. We walked where there are more waterfalls per square kilometre than anywhere else on earth. I knew again the thrill of the summit, of having conquered fears and fatigue to stand at the top and look out and beyond, to where our worlds meet. To drink from the stream and later to see the river joining with the ocean, to be aware of the natural rhythms of the earth and to know my sunrise is your sunset. I’m going into 2021 aware of the interdependence of everything.

And now, with the summer wind blowing for me, and maybe the nights even darker for you, my hand is on my heart, and I’m thinking of you who have been present with me in this year. I’m grateful to you and I’m wishing you the best of this season…. peace, love, abundance.





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