Enneagram and time management

Type 1. Can often run out of time in the desire to get it perfect. Find big vision jobs difficult and focus on small “tickable” jobs.

Type 2. Easily distracted by other people’s needs. 2’s can multi-task. The more work they have, the more they can do. They are “pressure prompted”.

Type 3. Highly efficient with their time. Most time management books are written by Enneagram 3s for Enneagram 3s.

Type 4. Need to get themselves into the mood to work. Need to establish a structure, have proper food and sleep.

Type 5. Need to get away from people in order to work.

Type 6. Procrastination in the absence of opposition. Keep refining and improving with great fortitude and endurance for a long time. The only type which likes to be micro-managed.

Type 7. Think they can do more work than they can. They have very busy full days. Often over promise and move fast from one thing to another. They can do a superficial job. To sit in detail is painful.

Type 8. They are very action orientated. Need to structure resting time. When tired they can become agressive and bullying.

Type 9. They will only do something when the conflict of not doing it is greater than the conflict doing it. They need to create false deadlines.

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