Coaching process

My method is to create a comfortable space for my clients to explore, be heard and be seen. My clients use this space to uncover and unfold the truth about themselves, their values and what they want for their lives. I hold up a mirror and challenge clients to live in integrity with themselves. Key to my methodology is that clients identify “homework” that will support them to do this. This homework usually takes the form of small “practices.” It is these practices which remain once the coaching process is over and they work to sustain the benefits gained.

Each client is unique, and a coaching process will be tailored to meet your particular objectives and your specific journey. But more or less, what can you expect?

  • Clarifying roles, objectives and expectations.
  • Telling the story of how you came to now and noticing what patterns there might be.
  • Creating awareness of your current way of doing things.
  • Tapping into your strengths and the source of your energy/power/mojo/essence.
  • Setting a new way –  this is where the real work is!
  • Reflecting and learning from learning.
  • Mojo flowing……